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Specialty Services

Patient focused care day and nightCertain cardiovascular conditions benefit from specialized care. Our condition-specific clinics provide focused expertise and individualized care plans to accommodate the needs of patients requiring this distinct level of care.

Cardiovascular Specialty Centers

Advanced Cardiac Imaging

CVA provides the most comprehensive cutting edge imaging services under one roof at our Main Clinic location in the Brookwood Baptist Diagnostic Center. Select services are also performed at some of our outreach locations. Our diagnostic services are backed by a team of highly skilled technicians and physicians with a focus on the most accurate, detailed and timely delivery of diagnostic results.

Blood Vessel Imaging

Advanced Heart Failure

Advanced heart failure occurs when patients have unique cause of heart failure or have heart failure that doesn't respond to normal measures.

Our goal is to help improve your quality of life, decrease negative symptoms and to slow the progression of heart failure. Our heart failure team also includes individuals with unique expertise in the management of pulmonary hypertension.

Cardiology Illustration

Pulmonary Hypertension

Patients with pulmonary hypertension require focused attention and specialized care. Pulmonary hypertension is a rare and complex illness, requiring careful evaluation and appropriate use of medical therapy to prevent deterioration. Modern therapy has allowed a marked improvement in a patient's survival and quality of life. Our team provides fast access for pulmonary hypertension patients, along with rapid communication back to referring physician.

Advanced Heart Rhythm Management

Our experts treat a wide array of arrhythmia disorders. Our team of Cardiac Electrophysiologists is uniquely skilled to manage the most complex heart rhythm conditions.

Atrial fibrillation or AFib is the most common heart rhythm abnormality that starts in the atria. Approximately 2.8 million people in America have paroxysmal or persistent AFib. Atrial Fibrillation is more common with increased age and is a major cause of stroke.

Pulmonary Hypertension

Cardiovascular Disease in Women

Heart Disease is the leading killer of women in America. Symptoms of heart disease are very different in men and women, therefore, related risk factors and symptoms are often missed in women. Our women's health team specializes in understanding the unique concerns and needs of our female patients. CVA offers diagnostic facilities unmatched in addressing the complex challenges of early detection of coronary disease in women.

Woman Holding Chest

General and Preventive Cardiology

Our program provides the most up-to-date care for early detection and prevention of cardiovascular disease. We provide the full spectrum of the most advanced clinical and diagnostic services available under one roof. Our team works collaboratively with your primary care physicians to help you with lipid disorders, high blood pressure and other health issues to reduce your risk of a cardiac event.

Man Holding Chest

Interventional Cardiology

Our interventional cardiology team provides unsurpassed experience in the treatment of Coronary Artery Disease including myocardial infarction, unstable angina pectoris, and stable ischemic conditions of all types. Our experts use the latest advances in angioplasty such as dissolvable and drug eluting stents and an array of devices that support the function of the heart during the most complex and challenging heart procedures.

Doctor Checking Blood Pressure

Structural Heart

CVA offers advanced diagnostic testing and minimally invasive, percutaneous therapies for a wide range of structural heart and valve disorders. Our multi-disciplinary team which includes interventional Cardiologists, Cardiovascular Surgeons, and Cardiac Imaging Specialists provides personalized care and unsurpassed expertise.

Valve Clinic

With new and rapidly changing options to treat valvular heart disease, our Valve Clinic combines the expertise of interventional cardiologists, heart failure specialists, imaging experts, and cardiovascular surgeons to evaluate the best option for your particular valve problem.


Vascular Disease

Our highly specialized, integrated approach provides patients with diagnosis, prevention, treatment and follow-up for disorders related to the arteries, veins, and lymphatic system. Our team focuses on critical limb ischemia, limb salvage, amputation prevention, and all early and advanced stages of leg ischemia.

Vein Clinic

Venous insufficiency can cause chronic edema, wounds, and pain to patients. Our vein specialists use specialized imaging techniques to locate the source of the problem and recommend the proper course of action to treat this condition. Venous ablation therapy may be an option for some individuals and can be done as an outpatient procedure.

Clogged Artery

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